About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Living Paradise offers education, inspiration, and practical tools to create concrete, sustainable, positive change in the world through transforming the way we care for ourselves, each other, our communities, and the planet.

Living Paradise is here to remind people that we are actually living in paradise. The earth is a rare wonder of great beauty with an incredible capacity for healing and regeneration, and it’s not too late for us to shift the tide. The environment is changing, and we as a species must take responsibility for our actions, stop taking our planet and all life for granted, and work to halt and reverse the damage we’re doing if we want to survive. We must return to a connected, community-oriented way of living, with a focus on sustainability and better personal and interpersonal care on all levels. We need conscious, loving, happy individuals living in vibrant, prosperous, fulfilling communities, with a strong, resilient network for inter-community sharing of resources, commerce, and collaboration. We must transform the antiquated systems currently in place while working to free people from the mental and financial slavery of those systems, and simultaneously co-create new systems designed from the bottom up to be in harmony with the environment and what is best for all people.

Why We Exist

Much of this is and has been happening all over the globe for many years. There are thousands of intentional communities and millions of awakening individuals around the world, all working to birth a better way of life for humanity. However, 90% of intentional communities formed fail, and our brightest lightworkers often feel disconnected and powerless. 

Humanity has been operating from the viewpoint of the ego for many centuries now. It’s brought continual war and violence, poverty and famine, and a wealthy elite who are driving us toward destruction of all life on the planet for the sake of short-term gain. We’ve been separated physically and emotionally by the marketing machines of modern society so that every single home, individual, or family must fend for themselves, purchase all their own food and needs instead of sharing, and waste valuable money, time, and resources. We’ve allowed ourselves to be driven down an unsustainable dead-end, while damaging human connection and our environment in the process. To a large number of people on the planet, the world and it’s future seem darker and darker every day, and this expectation is helping perpetuate this reality.

What We Do

We're working to educate, inspire, and participate in widespread awakening, community building, and sharing of transformative ideas, information, and skills. We believe the answers to a brighter future lie within each of us, and that together we will rebirth the way we live on this planet to make things better for all. 

We’re currently supporting existing and aspiring communities, as well as people seeking to strengthen or build community where they already live, through our documentary series on intentional communities and community living, intentional. We've filmed and released two episodes so far featuring Kashi Ashram and Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and are currently filming our third episode visiting urban communities in Asheville, NC.

Our bi-weekly online talkshow, be the Light, offers inspiration and practical information on being the Light that each of us brings to the world. With different interesting and thought-provoking guests each show, we cover a wide variety of topics related to transforming the way we care for ourselves, each other, our communities, and the planet. Join our hosts, Blue Cobalt and DonnaMarie Alesia, for our first show on Sunday, April 9th, with our guests Truthi Manifest and Aradhana Silvermoon of I,Star, an amazing folk-hop experience, and the dynamic duo behind the raw chocolate magic of Silvermoon Chocolate

betheLight.one will expand upon the talkshow by providing an educational platform for conscious, sustainable living, and a knowledge and skills based collaborative social network focused on positive change. The site will offer blogs, information videos, articles, practical tips, step by step how to’s, product reviews, interviews with people who are making a difference in the world, online tools, email and sms reminders, video classes, ebooks, educational materials, and sustainable merchandise.

We believe that music and the messages that are transmitted through the lyrics as well as the music have a transformational effect on the individual and society as a whole. For this reason, we support conscious musical artists whenever we can. Part of that support consists of applying our documentary team's skills and experience to creating music videos for select artists to help them express their music through a visual realm, and promote their message more widely. Watch for the upcoming release of the video and single for I,Star's new track All Eyes on Spring Equinox! Can you see the world through all eyes? #seethrualleyes

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the world.

Who We Are

Blue Cobalt
Executive Director