Wonder what permaculture is all about? Here is a quick description of what permaculture is and why it's beneficial to people and nature.

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Feeling tense, frustrated, overwhelmed, stress-out, or all the above??

Maybe you'd just like to focus on some good health conscious qualities?

Here’s a quick method to get yourself back on track towards living the life you want!

Just ask yourself these 4 questions:

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This has been a difficult week for us as Americans... and for the rest of the world as well. We've seen a world leader put in place who appears to have severe mental and emotional disorders, fancies himself a little dictator, is defended by the seemingly ignorant, and is supported and being manipulated by the wealthy sociopathic elite as they work to take the world down an extremely dangerous path. It's terrifying on many levels, creating giant amounts of grief and anger on all sides.

Even though I have the karmically weighted privilege of being born a white male, like many, I've spent my entire life having to struggle for equality because of my gender expression, sexual orientation, intelligence, and inability or desire to fit in in a world I viewed as ignorant, restrictive, asleep on almost all levels, and disturbingly violent much of the time. So many people have worked incredibly hard for so many decades to help people wake up socially and spiritually, make great advances on issues of equality, begin to see our interconnectness with the whole environment, and start to realize the importance for shifting the way we live in this planet. And, now these idiots are trying to screw up everything as fast as they can!!!

I found myself so angry, with such a sense of helplessness, that I began attacking Trump supporters on Facebook whenever I would see an "ignorant" comment from one of them. I attacked them for their racism, their misogyny, their homophobia, their inability to see actual facts right in front of their faces, their lack of ability to think critically, and their ignorance... mostly their ignorance. :-(

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Gift giving with the best of intentions!

There are links for how-tos and where to find organic & sustainable products listed with each gift idea!


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