Having a Rough Day? (Get Refocused in Just Seconds with 4 Simple Questions)

Feeling tense, frustrated, overwhelmed, stress-out, or all the above??

Maybe you'd just like to focus on some good health conscious qualities?

Here’s a quick method to get yourself back on track towards living the life you want!

Just ask yourself these 4 questions:

1) Is my posture straight?

2) Is my breathing deep?

3) Is my attitude positive?

4) Is my focus on point?


1) Posture:

  • A healthy posture keeps our structure strong and allows for proper circulation of energy and blood.

  • Keeping a good posture helps you look and feel more confident and happy, leading to a better experience overall.

  • Many common back, neck, shoulder, and hip problems people experience are the result of improper posture in our daily activities.


  • When standing or sitting, keep your weight balanced over a vertical pelvis, shoulders back, back straight, and your head up to straighten the neck and spine.

  • Make sure to stretch regularly, especially after sitting or standing for a while. If you've never been shown how to properly stretch, go watch a quick video and learn how to!

  • When lifting objects or bending over, ALWAYS keep your back straight and bend at the knees instead of the lower back. This is a very common and easy yet irreversible mistake to make.



2) Breath:

  • Taking deep breaths oxygenates the blood and calms the nervous system.

  • The goal is to always be giving our cells the oxygen they need to effectivly do their job for our body.

  • Lack of oxygen and an acidic pH are two main contributing factors when it comes to being vulnerable to cancer and sickness in general, so stay hydrated (with spring water if possible, or anything with a pH close to 7), monitor the of your diet and it's pH, and breath deep (in plant-rich areas if possible)


  • Going for a jog or bike ride are a couple great ways to get your breath going and heart pumping.

  • Spend just a few minutes to take plenty of deep breaths whenever you think about it!

  • Swimming is a wonderful breathing exercise as well as a work out that's easy on the body! (Avoid chlorine pools and seek salt water ones if possible. Chlorine is a toxin to our body and takes vital oils from our skin, and inhaling the vapors, especially from indoor pools, is seriously hazardous. It's in tap water too so make sure you filter it!)




3) Attitude:

  • Our attitude drives our motivation, so keeping a positive outlook is crucial to overcoming the challenges that we face and keeps us on track when working towards our goals.

  • Also, our vibes spread to everyone we meet and far beyond, so keep yours positive and you’ll create possibilities instead of problems for yourself and others!

  • Remembering to stay positive can be tough, but it's much easier when you're enjoying what you're doing and who you're with!


  • Surround yourself with positive people that encourage and motivate you to be creative and expressive!

  • List off all the positive things that are happening or have happened recently instead of the negatives.

  • Always have a "can-do" attitude, telling yourself with certainty and determination that you will accompliash a lot of things today! (envision your success)

  • Plan to do things you enjoy so you’ll always have something positive to look forward to and keep you motivated! 

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror and whoever you see, it’s an easy way to start a positive chain reaction!

  • Get involved in positive group activities like yoga, music, biking, hiking, sports, or any other activity that lightens your mood.


4) Focus:

  • To actually accomplish anything in this life, we must focus on a single subject at a time and follow through with the necessary steps to succeed, but with everything going on in the world, it’s easy to get distracted from what we really need to be focused on.

  • The goal is to be focused at all times on what you DO want to experience and how your ARE making it a reality.

  • Continue to be conscious of what your energy is going toward creating at all times no matter how distracted you get by thoughts and events that come up, so that step by step you eventually get to where you want to be in life. 


  • Focus on doing everything you can to make your life what you want it to be, and you'll get a step closer every day!

  • Keep a calendar, make a schedule, and set alarms for daily necessities and tasks to accomplish so you can find a rhythm to keep up with.

  • Meditate regularly, deep breathing with your eyes open or closed, simply observing your thoughts and emotions rather than acting on, or attaching to them instantly. This helps you remain in control of them instead of them being in control of you!

  • Make lists of things to do in separate categories such as inside/outside, car, kitchen, bedroom, work, etc., and pick at least one thing from each list to focus on each day.

  • Again, associating yourself with people who share similar priorities and work ethic as you greatly increases the chances of staying on track with your focuses.