I Attacked Trump Supporters on Facebook, and It Was Not Pretty

This has been a difficult week for us as Americans... and for the rest of the world as well. We've seen a world leader put in place who appears to have severe mental and emotional disorders, fancies himself a little dictator, is defended by the seemingly ignorant, and is supported and being manipulated by the wealthy sociopathic elite as they work to take the world down an extremely dangerous path. It's terrifying on many levels, creating giant amounts of grief and anger on all sides.

Even though I have the karmically weighted privilege of being born a white male, like many, I've spent my entire life having to struggle for equality because of my gender expression, sexual orientation, intelligence, and inability or desire to fit in in a world I viewed as ignorant, restrictive, asleep on almost all levels, and disturbingly violent much of the time. So many people have worked incredibly hard for so many decades to help people wake up socially and spiritually, make great advances on issues of equality, begin to see our interconnectness with the whole environment, and start to realize the importance for shifting the way we live in this planet. And, now these idiots are trying to screw up everything as fast as they can!!!

I found myself so angry, with such a sense of helplessness, that I began attacking Trump supporters on Facebook whenever I would see an ignorant comment from one of them. I attacked them for their racism, their misogyny, their homophobia, their inability to see actual facts right in front of their faces, their lack of ability to think critically, and their ignorance... mostly their ignorance. :-(

And, they responded by defending themselves with horrifying examples of racism, homophobia, and ignorance, all the while claiming they were none of those things. Like the white middle-aged gentleman who explained he wasn't racist, but hundreds more white women are raped every year by black men then black women raped by white men. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

I got so completely lost in my ego that I began calling them horrible names, flaunting my intellectual superiority over them, and being filled with rage. A consuming rage that once again the "stupid people" were ruining everything for everyone else. If only they had the ability, or had not chosen to shut down their ability, to see the huge mistake they were making by supporting this insanity, and the huge amount of destruction and grief they had helped enable for everyone, including themselves. I felt justified in saying things that I knew would purposefully hurt them and show them how incredibly ignorant they are. Whew. It's all there on Facebook if you want to go see it. It's definitely not pretty, and my ego is feeling a certain level of shame about it, but it's important for me to learn from this experience, and see this pattern more clearly.

It took a good friend messaging me, saying, "Brother, you are really scaring me. This isn't you to act this way... We look up to you", to shake me and wake me up out of the spell of rage and righteousness. "We've coddled the ignorant for too long!", I responded, but I saw what I had been doing. I had fallen into an old pattern in this life, and was judging these people, hard-core judging them for being what I saw as ignorant, and blaming them for being easily manipulated into putting us all in danger. I was doing the exact same thing that I was screaming at them for doing. Being prejudiced against a group of people because of my perceived differences from them. Which isn't going to get us anywhere positive at all, and is ultimately what those in power are trying to accomplish. They want us to hate each other, so we tear each other apart.

That I'm better than those that appear to be ignorant is an old story that my ego has told itself since childhood growing up in a small very redneck town in Texas. I would get physically beaten up on a regular basis by my peers for "thinking I was so smart" and using "them big words", so I ended up judging them right back for their lack of intelligence. There was unfortunately much evidence to support that story in my mind, and there is indeed much evidence in the world, and in our own country, to continue to support that story for many of us, especially right now. But, that story, like all the other stories of judgment, whether it be based on intelligence level, or skin color, or gender expression, or sexual orientation, or religion, only leads to separation, anger, grief, and further distraction from what is actually important right now.

I'm not saying this is going to be easy, but it's imperative that we as a race of beings learn to move beyond the ingrained, pre-programmed patterns of judgment inherent in our human egos for countless generations, find true compassion in our hearts for each other and all living beings, set aside our apparent differences, and work together to change the way we're treating ourselves, each other, and all life on the planet. We have to take control back from the selfish and shortsighted, and step up to govern ourselves and our world in a new way. There's not a whole lot of time left for us to get this together without losing much of what currently exists and lives in the world. The time for action is right now.

I ask for you to join me in taking it up several notches, doing everything we can to move beyond these illusory walls of separation, learning how to truly love ourselves, and our brothers and sisters as ourselves. And, creating together a new way of living on the earth that is inclusive, supportive, and brings peace and harmony for all living beings. It starts with us, and what each of us does right now.

It's ultimately why I founded Living Paradise. To help educate and inspire, provide practical tools for real change, and help humanity get back on a positive track. It's why the amazing people in the communities we're visiting for intentional have given their lives to experiment with new ways of living and relating. It's why you're doing the positive things that you do in the world each day.

We're working hard to ramp up the amount of information and support we're providing through Living Paradise, including launching some new online and mobile tools for taking our individual and collective lives to the next level. The first of which is coming soon at betheLight.one. Head over when you're done here, and sign up for the free 9 day email course. It'll take you through the steps I use daily to stay as clear in body and mind, awake from the patterns, and peaceful as possible, and some steps we as individuals and as a greater community can take to move past our inherent prejudices, rebalance what has been knocked out of balance, and transform this experience for ourselves and everyone. I've designed this email course and accompanying tools to help you see through your own pattherns, and make the choices needed to live a life of greater purpose, truth, and action, so you can be a shining example for all those around you, and help make the world a better place with everything you do and every breath you take.Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Remember to stay positive! Yes we have an incredibly difficult job ahead of us, but it's important that we stay positive, knowing we're here to do the best we can, and we have honesty, love, and truth on our side.

And, remember, this TrumpMonster is just a catalyst for a great change. He's here to shake us all out of our complacency, so we can rise up, come together. and transform our reality for the better.

Please let me know how you're handling all this disruptive change in the comments below (there are several options for logging in to post a comment), and feel free to share any supportive tips or advice you have with everyone!