We invite you to join us on a journey toward true community and a sustainable way of life for all.

We believe that communities are our future, diverse communities of people working daily to create a more connected, sustainable way of life on the planet.

Imagine feeling less isolated and alone, knowing you’re surrounded by people who really care about you, and show you that each and every day.

We’ve been separated physically and emotionally by the marketing machines of modern society so that every single home and family must fend for itself, purchase their own set of products instead of sharing, and waste valuable time and resources. We’ve allowed ourselves to be driven down an unsustainable dead-end, while destroying our environment at the same time. It’s vital that we learn how to build thriving communities, whether you want to move to an existing one, start one of your own, or simply have stronger community ties in the city or town where you live. It’s time that we learn to live together in harmony with each other and the planet, ensuring that our communities thrive and flourish, while the individuals in the communities are prosperous on every level.

What does the intentional community movement have to teach us about being connected and fulfilled, and living more sustainably?

How can cooperative communities flourish while accommodating the modern needs for individual expression and freedom?

How can we apply the lessons learned from intentional communities to our daily lives now, where we already live?

We are a nonprofit team, on the road visiting a wide variety of communities, from urban to rural, spiritual to non-spiritual, and self-sufficient to those reliant on outside resources, seeking answers to these questions and more. We're currently in Asheville, NC, having visited our second community, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge MO. We're documenting some urban and semi-rural examples of communty around Asheville for our next episode, and will be making a complete circuit of the country visiting ten more communities over the next year.

We're learning what makes these living laboratories work or not work so well, and we’re sharing all of this information through a TV series on intentional communities and community living called intentional.

intentional Season One: US is available for download directly from our site, and for streaming and download from Each episode will be one hour in length, and will be released within two weeks of visiting each community, so you'll be experiencing what we experience in almost real time along the journey.

We've visited our first two communities, Kashi Ashram in Sebastion FL and Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge MO, and have completed our first two episodes. We're currently seeking a bus to house our crew so we can continue traveling the US, and complete the first season.

Watch the first episode of intentional, featuring Kashi Ashram, FREE now!