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Blue Cobalt

Hi everyone, I’m Blue Cobalt, Executive Director at Living Paradise, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this project! I’ve been a part of multiple communities in my life, including community apartments in New York, community houses in Colorado, California, and Washington, a gorgeous community in the mountains of BC where I feel I had my true community initiation, a small community in the mountains of Santa Cruz, and now a nomadic community traveling the roads of North, Central, and South America. I’ve seen communities flourish and fail for many different reasons, and I’m very excited about the information we’re collecting and sharing to help communities stay strong and viable.

I believe that it’s vital that we get this community thing right. We’ve been separated physically and emotionally by the marketing machines of modern society, so that every single home and family must fend for itself, purchase their own set of products instead of sharing, and waste valuable time and resources. We’ve allowed ourselves to be driven down an unsustainable dead-end, while destroying our environment at the same time. It’s time that we learn to live together in harmony with each other and the planet, ensuring that our communities thrive and flourish, while the individuals in the communities are prosperous on every level.

I’m excited about the potential for intentonal to inspire communities to grow and flourish, new communities to form, some people to locate the existing community that's a perfect home for them, and many others to seek out and homegrow community right where they are. I'll be holding workshops and classes during our journey on various topics to do with community, conscious living, conscious business, mindfulness, and spiritual practice.

Matthew Dawson

I grew up in a loving family of five in Charleston, South Carolina, graduated from high school in 2012, and completed a year of tech college before deciding to take my life's path into my own hands. This is the point at which I decided I need to live sustainably so I can stop supporting the horrible things going on in the world. I began tuning my perception through daily experiences and explorations. One day, after many stressful months of indecision, I went downtown to the farmers market and found an organic farm that needed help. The next day I checked it out and found out about WWOOFing, an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, which is an online database of hosts around the world to go help and learn from in exchange for the work you do for them. I spent three months raising crops and doing weekly markets with their small operation, and it helped me grow exponentially in every way. I feel it was my first real glimpse of community and sustainability, and I gained a stronger sense of autonomy and a more confident and focused perspective.

I love to learn, teach, and practice lots of skills related to sustainable living, music, and relationship and communication development.

My interests in and aspirations for this intentional communities project stems from a deep desire for community in my life as an answer to satisfying my needs and desires for a long happy life as a creature on this wonderful planet. I aim to help heal people and the planet by rediscovering the qualities about community that we're truly longing for and how we can make the necessary changes to achieve it. I like to encourage everyone to be the best they can be! In my short 22 years here, I have had the blessing of experiencing many ups and downs to teach and guide me. Imagine the reality you actually want to be experiencing and do everything in your power to create it, we don't have to feel alone and powerless!


One Love!