Music as a Tool for Transformation

We believe that music and the messages that are transmitted through the lyrics as well as the music have a transformational effect on individual listeners and society as a whole. For this reason, we support conscious musical artists whenever we can. Part of that support consists of applying our documentary team's skills and experience toward creating music videos for select artists to help them express their music through a visual realm, and promote their message more widely.

If you're interested in having our documentary team make an exceptional video for your music, please contact us.

All eyes are beautiful.
All eyes are powerful.
All eyes tell a story of the joy and pain, the triumph and struggle, the wonder and confusion they have seen.
Look others in the eyes and see that their story is not so different than your own.
All humans are united by the small black dot in the center of their eyes...
May we be the pupils of your own I's and see all in the same light.
Join the circle and add a closeup of your eyes to the compilation by posting on social media with the hashtag #seethrualleyes

With all love, respect, and gratitude, we offer this new song- “Stand on This Rock (Weh Hi Yah)” featuring our friend and Elder of the Cherokee (Tsalagi) Nation, Yona Frenchhawk, alongside our own Truth-I Manifest and Aradhana Silvermoon- in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, the 350 indigenous tribes that have joined them, the US military veterans, and their allies from across the country and around the world…

Original song "Full Moon" performed by Searra Jade, Ryan Kijanka (bass) and Drayton Aldridge (Violin).

Original song "This World Now" off of new album "Catch & Release", performed by Searra Jade, Ryan Kijanka (bass) and Drayton Aldridge (Violin).